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Top 10 SEO Tips for Solicitors in Northern Ireland

Top SEO Tips for Solicitors in Northern Ireland

If you’re in the law business in the United Kingdom, Ireland or Northern Ireland and you’re not taking care of how your law firm shows up online, then it’s time to take stock.


The internet is changing industries and businesses every day of the week, and the trends are very clear. If you are ignoring how the internet is affecting and changing how business gets done in your industry, then your business could be in serious trouble in the not too distant future.


Here are our top ten tips for law firms in relation to marketing their services online –


  1. Do a status check on your online profile –


How does your business show up on the internet? Does Google know your exist? Do you have the basic things set up like a website, a Facebook page, a Google Maps/ Google My Business listing, and are you proud of how those properties or assets appear.


The first thing to do is to assess how you show up. It may be better than you think or it could be the worse than you think, but the first thing to do is to carry out an objective evaluation.


  1. Online Reviews –


For local businesses, whether they are dentists, chiropractors, plumbers or lawyers once of the first things that people check online when they’re considering hiring you, is what are other people saying about you? Do you deliver a professional service at a good price, or is business one to be avoided at all costs?


If you think about booking a holiday the first that most people go once they find a location that they like is a service like Trip Advisor where they will find objective reviews from former customers that they will allow them to take a view as to whether or not they are likely to have a good experience if they visit that particular resort or hotel.


Equally so with professional services. Most commonly people who are considering using your service will visit the reviews on your Google Maps listing or your Facebook page, and if you do not have either of those profiles set up yet, well then a lot of prospective customers will not see that as a particularly good thing.


Younger consumers who have grown up with the internet will be most likely to place high reliance on your online reviews, and if you don’t have these profiles set up then they’re probably going to visit another provider.



  1. Search Engine Optimisation


Basically, search engine optimisation or SEO means seeking to influence where you show up  in the Google rankings. Once your business takes control of how you show up on Google, then it is likely that you will do very well online with SEO Belfast.

  1. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing typically refers to pay per click advertising on plaforms likfe Google Adwords, and Facebook ads and we recommend that all businesses devote apportion of their marketing budget to digital marketing activities.