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The legal profession in general doesn’t like marketing. Instead they normally prefer to build their businesses up the old-fashioned, low cost way relying on word of mouth marketing, but as the internet and social media continue to take more and more control of virtually every aspect of our lives, the conversations required to generate word of mouth referrals just aren’t happening and when they do happen they’re just as likely to be online.



Quite frequently, solicitors and lawyers are a conservative bunch, and may not necessarily like to stand out, and that is where part of the conflict arises, because succeeding in the internet marketing age means standing out and being different, whether that is placing number one in the Google search engine results for the services that you offer in your area, or having 100 five star reviews on your Google My Business pages when your competitors don’t have any. It is about doing things differently.




Once you recognise and understand the clear and certain need to be different in order to effectively dominate your local market, then the next question becomes – “ok, so what do we do?” We always recommend by talking to a good web design agency like Ni Web Design who will assess how your website is performing at the moment, and devise a plan from there.


Some of the things that will be likely to investigate are as follows:


  1. How is your website performing in the Google search engine rankings?


Are you ranking at the top of the search engine results for the key services that you offer in your local market or city? Or have you gifted this huge marketing advantage to your competitors by choosing not to compete?


  1. Have you set up an optimised Google Maps or Google My Business listing for your business?


As you may know well-optimised Google My Business listings can show up right at the top of the search engine results, and can be a very fast way to increase the online exposure of your business. If you have not done this, do it today!


  1. If your business is getting online traffic, or visitors what happens to that traffic?


In other words, does your website traffic turn into leads and enquiries, or appointments and subsequently sales? Has your website been carefully designed in order to get the best bang for your buck? For example if you’re currently getting 5 appointments for every 100 visitors to your website, that being a 5% conversion, well then is there a way to increase that to ten appointments and so on?


The factors that are likely to influence conversion include the graphics and design of your website, whether or not your website has a strong call to action, demonstrates social proof in the form of testimonials and things of this nature.


Most legal websites will have work to do, but the rewards are there for the taking, and it is important to remember that your website does not need to be the best in the world, but simply better than your competitors in order to win the local marketing battle for the services that you offer.